Pay It Forward

Welcome to My Nutra’s® Pay it Forward program. One of our company’s biggest priorities is helping people and this program not only allows us to do that but YOU can get involved too!

How It Works

  1. We will create a list of people who would greatly benefit from our Hemp Paste™ but simply cannot afford it. Each person in the list will be reviewed and contacted by our staff to prove the authenticity of their condition.
  2. Our list will be viewable by you and the people you’re donating to. The list will have the name of the person being donated to, the state where they live and the date they received their Hemp Paste™. The donor’s name will also be on this list unless they want to be anonymous. This list will be updated periodically.
  3. To donate, simply click on the DONATION button below this page and make your donation in ANY amount. My Nutra® will match 100% of your donations and ALL proceeds will go towards the person in need. (For example, if you want to make sure someone gets a jar of Hemp Paste™, simply donate $87.50 and My Nutra® will match that, equaling the cost of one jar!)

Thank you for joining us in our effort to give and help those who cannot afford to buy our Hemp Paste™. As we continue with our Pay It Forward program, we will be posting updates, news and testimonies on this page. So, stick around and see how YOU can help change the lives of people through your giving.


What you need to do:

  1. Email us your name, phone number and a brief summary of why you need Hemp Paste™.
  2. Call our corporate office at 855.656.8872 and speak with one of our representatives.
  3. We may ask for other proof of your health status. All your personal information will be kept in high confidentiality. Please see our Privacy Policy.
  4. After we receive all the necessary information from you, we will review your case and will contact you to let you know that you were approved.
  5. After you’re approved, your name will be included on our Pay It Forward list. From there, you may be able to view if you’re the one next in line to receive our Hemp Paste™.
  6. After you receive your jar of Hemp Paste™, please feel free to email or call us if you have any questions on how to use our product.