My Nutra

My Nutra

“Because Natural Just Got Better!”

At My Nutra®, we believe that natural nutrition is vital to support a healthy quality of life and longevity. By providing the world’s finest, most effective nutraceuticals available, we are able to empower others to choose wellness and wholeheartedly help people. Our SOS Kits™ were developed by licensed, holistic practitioners and nutritionists with the purpose of equipping our customers to choose the most natural and effective methods to support their health and wellness.

Who is My Nutra®?

My Nutra® is a family of brands created by Brad and Vienna Morehouse. They were called to create natural products that could truly help people around the world. The brands with high levels of cannabinoids (CBD) that My Nutra® encompasses include Hemp Paste™, Canna Doggy™, Hemp Cream™, and the Canna Chocolate Company™ makers of Canna Dark Chocolate™ bar.

My Nutra® Insights

From the Desk of Our Founders, Brad & Vienna Morehouse

From the year 1774 – 1780, 18,545 sailors died of scurvy, which is the lack of Vitamin C. What happens when the body is starved of a simple vitamin? Death, or a string of ailments will occur. This fact wasn’t so obvious to people in the 18th century. Could we still be as ignorant now, in the 21st century, as we were back then? Could it be possible that cancer or many of the ailments we see today are coming from something as simple as a deficiency in the human body such as in the scurvy story? Here is an epiphany for you, or at least it was for us. Let’s make an educated assumption that the remaining sailors who survived were probably either weak or very ill. Why is it that some sailors died and some didn’t? Why is it that cancer runs in your family, but not in others?

As the founders of My Nutra®, we truly believe that cancer and other diseases and illnesses have been overtreated to the point where more injury is inflicted when we take such harsh or drastic measures for “the cure”. People don’t get cancer because they weren’t taking chemotherapy. Nor do they get cancer because they were not being given intravenous vitamin C. Taking drastic measures, such as these, are out of pure panic.

Imagine your body is on the edge of the cliff and you shock it with either a natural remedy or a pharmaceutical drug. God forbid that it was a pharmaceutical, but nevertheless, your body does not need an overdose of anything. What it actually needs are the missing nutrients or the illness would not have occurred in the first place. Can it be that simple? The only other compounded reason for this dilemma might be due to inflammation, stress and toxins, right? We could say that our bodies naturally break down in time, or maybe it was just our time to go.

But we, at My Nutra®, would like to encourage you to try to eliminate inflammation, stress, toxins and processed foods. Additionally, we want to ensure that you are getting every nutrient possible and adding various herbal remedies and nutrients, such as Turkey Tail mushrooms, Vitamin B17 (Laetrile), CBD /Cannabinoids and liquid chlorophyll. Our team of licensed experts, in the field of holistic medicine and nutrition, have created what we call the “SOS Kits™”, specifically for this purpose.

Studies have shown that last night’s dinner you ate had an average of 13% of the RDA. This is mostly due to depleted soils and processed, cooked food. THIRTEEN PERCENT! Now, add your bad gene pool, and the scurvy story just got real you!

The doctor will ask if you have cancer running in your family. Does the doctor ask if you have scurvy running in your family? No! Is there really such a thing as a cancer gene? Or is it possible that in your family gene pool you don’t absorb or assimilate nutrients well? If so, then you need to make sure that you are getting extra nutrition, or at least enough. Let’s cut to the chase here. We know for a fact that illnesses and disease will occur from a lack of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, so why can’t we wrap our heads around this fact and simply go nutrient-crazy? It can’t hurt you, but it can surely eliminate the most logical reason why we get cancer and other illnesses.

“The future of nutraceuticals is not really the future, but it was the past, where things were natural, pure and simple. Let us GO BACK to the past and what is natural, and we will begin to have a better future.”

How did the company transition in to My Nutra®?

Over the years, hundreds, if not thousands, of people consulted with Brad and Vienna for free on ways they could combat their illnesses. Brad and Vienna were constantly referring people to healthier options for the purpose of helping people make lifestyle changes needed to help combat their illnesses before My Nutra® was ever established. At that time, their main company was called NewCure®, a company that was all about CBD and cannabinoids. The Morehouse’s were always pointing friends and customers to natural solutions without selling a single nutraceutical product. 90% of their consultations ended with them suggesting the 8 things a person should purchase from a natural health food store. The problem was that too many people were contacting them when they were terminally ill, and had already turned to chemotherapy or harsh pharmaceutical medication. Time was ticking and people didn’t have the time or the resources to do the research that could potentially save their life. That’s when they decided it was time to expand from Hemp Paste® products to including natural supplements by developing the SOS kits™. It was also when Brad and Vienna came up with their signature phrase for their SOS Kits™ program, “Is your ship sinking? Then get the SOS KITS™!” And that is how My Nutra’s® vision and company was born.