CBD Oil vs. Hemp Paste


While CBD Paste and CBD oil are both used medicinally, one is drastically more effective than the other. Yes, both are cannabinoid based products, but they differ in the way that they are processed and their medicinal values.

The video below is the best way to explain why Hemp Paste™ is medicinally superior.

At My Nutra® we ensure that the terpenes are preserved at the highest possible level with our proprietary cooking method. The plant/flower is cooked in a BPA free glass mason jar at a very low temperature for many hours to preserve the plant’s original state. We do not remove any part of the plant, whereas CBD oil companies remove 100% of the plant/flower from their products. The whole plant holds more than 118 different kinds of cannabinoids that work together synergistically to offer medicinal benefits. Cannabinoids destroyed by the butane, alcohol, or CO2 extraction process cannot serve the medical purpose for which they are intended. This widely used and accepted extraction process also destroys 99.1% of the terpenes and damages many of the more delicate cannabinoids. Hemp Paste™ contains an average of 45% more cannabinoids and 600% more terpenes than chemically extracted CBD oil.

Without all the cannabinoids present and 99.1% of the terpenes missing, there is no synergistic interaction to create an intense healing response. Our product processing leads to better medicinal outcomes than isolates or isolated CBD. The CBD oil industry believes pure CBD isolates are the future. Yet, through scientific process, it’s been revealed that the chemical processing that separates and removes all the cannabinoids except CBD is harmful to the vital components essential for healing. No synergistic entourage effect can occur, thus creating a drastically minimized healing response. The phrase “pure CBD” sounds appealing at a glance but the fact is, the extraction process severely damages the necessary healing components of the plant rendering it less effective.

Scientific journals are continuing to research and expose this new evidence. The truth is being ignored by many companies who are intending to make profit during the dawn of a $100 billion Hemp and Cannabis industry. The companies who are utilizing the butane or CO2 extraction are trying to conceal the importance of the entourage effect and the value of the terpenes. Don’t allow yourself to be separated from the truth. Google “Cannabis Entourage Effect”.

When a company claims to have high concentrated CBD oil they are ultimately admitting that they have radically altered the natural plant to the point of rendering it medicinally inferior. My Nutra® welcomes discussing the truth with anyone who believes that concentrating CBD is a good thing.


One of the most popular CBD oil methods is pushing butane through the flower which can leave a residue behind. Ironically, this residue is loaded with carcinogens, substances that are cancerous to living tissue. Aren’t users taking CBD oil to fight cancer?

So the industry is SLOWLY changing to CO2 extraction which is cleaner; but again, it destroys more terpenes than any other method and is not cost efficient.