7 Points of My Nutra

Seven Differences that Set My Nutra® Apart From Other Hemp Companies

1.) Our Lifestyle Transformation Program
2.) My Nutra® Diet
3.) Our Process
4.) Our Unique Hemp Strain
5.) Our Medicinally Superior CBD
6.) Low Cost for High Quality
7.) You Plus 4 Business Structure

1.) Our Complete Lifestyle Transformation Program

The healing elements within the products distributed by My Nutra® are found in nature and have been altered minimally to deliver their full potency. The combinations of these therapeutic elements are aligned to create a synergy that removes imbalances in the human body and returns you to good health. Good health is achieved through our complete lifestyle transforming program. The concept of treating illness is not the foundation of My Nutra®. As ambassadors for good health, we are advocates for healthy concepts in their entirety. All components of the human condition are cared for and strengthened through our comprehensive lifestyle transformation program.

2.) My Nutra® Diet

Our specially designed nutritional programs have good health at their core. Your desired outcome is then intentionally focused through My Nutra’s® principles and healing concepts to deliver a map for you to complete your journey to good health. Healing, weight loss, depression and a host of other conditions will all be removed from your life. We also offer you cooking suggestions along with nutritional values and medical benefits of essential micro and macro nutrients. Then, with the support of an online community, your goals have never been closer to being achieved than when you are working with others. Webinars, conventions and educational workshops keep you focused intently on your goals and aligns you with other like-minded people.

3.) Our Process

At My Nutra® we ensure that the terpenes in our Hemp Paste™ are preserved at the highest possible level with our proprietary cooking method. The plant/flower is cooked in a BPA free glass mason jar at a very low temperature for many hours to preserve the plants original state. We do not remove any part of the plant (whole plant method) whereas CBD oil companies admit that they remove 100% of the plant/flower from their products. The whole plant holds more than 111 different kinds of cannabinoids and many of these delicate cannabinoids are destroyed by the butane, alcohol or the CO2 extraction process. This process also destroys 99.1% of the terpenes.

Without all the cannabinoids present and 99.1% of the terpenes missing there is no entourage effect, which is when compounds interact with each other synergistically, creating a more intense healing response. This effect leads to more medicinal benefits, unlike isolates or isolated CBD. The CBD oil industry ignorantly believes “pure” CBD isolates are the future; however, the chemical process that creates isolates separates and removes all the cannabinoids except CBD. The phrase “pure CBD” sounds great but it is actually quite deceptive because with pure CBD you will still have an entourage effect.

4.) Our Unique Hemp Strain

Law stipulates that hemp must be less than .3% THC and Hemp Paste™ meets these guidelines. Hemp Paste™ is by legal terms “hemp”, but it is actually our proprietary strain of cannabis. This is a major breakthrough in our industry as most common hemp contains around .2% THC and, at best, 2 to 3% CBD. This means you need a lot of hemp to make a CBD product and most CBD products are heavily concentrated because of this. There are some complications in concentrating hemp and one of the complications is that the THC also gets concentrated during the process and then chemicals or strong solvents are added. This causes the natural structure to be altered. After over 4 years of crossbreeding and testing over 330 cannabis plants, our efforts delivered us a plant that tests at .24% THC and 19.37% CBD. The high strain of CBD means that we don’t have to use chemicals, butane, or CO2 to separate or concentrate our product. That alone sets Hemp Paste™ products apart from the rest of the industry.

5.) Our Medicinally Superior CBD Product

We put MCT (medium chain triglycerides) in our Hemp Paste™. The fatty acids in the MCT bond to the cannabinoids and enable them to pass through the blood brain barrier. This in itself makes Hemp Paste™ medicinally superior. The MCT oil that our product is prepared with also has additional health benefits; it aids in improving clarity of mind, increasing energy, improving digestion, balancing hormone levels, improving your mood, fighting bacterial infection and viruses and more.

6.) Our Superior Product at a Lower Cost

If you were to research all companies that sell CBD oil, you would find that the retail cost per milligram of CBD averages 20 cents or more per milligram. Hemp Paste’s™ cost (calculated with the free shipping) is under 7 cents per milligram.

7.) Our You Plus 4™ Structure

What also makes us unique is our You Plus 4™ business structure. We are a product driven company, NOT a recruitment driven company. My Nutra’s® vision is to have a business structure that is founded on integrity and honesty. The majority of MLM companies require you to buy product monthly or you lose your down line, do not receive payments, etc.; however, at My Nutra® there are no monthly sales and recruiting requirements in order for business owners to keep their down line or acquired income. Multi-Level Marketing is simply the best method for allowing people to join the cause of helping others, which is our primary goal. Our You Plus 4™ structure also creates opportunities to earn a living and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most MLM companies take 60-80 percent of the net profit; in contrast, at My Nutra®, 50 percent of our net profit is distributed between YOU and your team!